Commissioning a sponsored post

We’re regularly approached by companies wanting us to host “exciting articles that your readers will love”. While it is a form of compliment that someone thinks our site is worth looking for backlinks it is also something that we have carefully built from the ground up ourselves – this is our site. The articles, reviews and blog posts are all our work.

That said, if you would like to have your business featured in a post, we do offer a sponsored post service where you can commission an article from us, and you will have at least one link to your site from within it. This link offers no specific guaranteed traffic return.

Our sponsored posts are written with the aim of educating and informing our audience while also providing an excellent advertising opportunity for your business. Reciprocal links will be natural and will fit in with the theme of the sponsored post.

The focus and details of an article can be discussed upon arrangement being made.

Your Products Need To Stand Out From The Crowd

We all live in an age where the majority of visitors to our sites come from the major search engines and so it is vitally important to understand how they work and what we can do to benefit our sites visibility the most in what is a very cut throat industry – online travel sex toy shops.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the major search engines like Google penalize duplicate content so if your stock has the default description supplied by your supplier for your products you will be penalized as google has seen it all before on thousands of other shops and no matter how you try to improve your products chances of being on page one you won’t as it is duplicate content.

Advertise Your Site/Brand Here

We are really proud of how our site has grown since its inception and it’s always nice to have new partners come aboard. We are continuing to grow and it is nice that you have shown an interest in our work and site.

There are a lot of reasons why you should advertise your brand or site here on and some of them being an excellent targeted audience and being associated with a growing travel sex blogs. We enjoy working with our advertisers to maximize their reach.

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