Hi! I am Shiela and welcome to tripty.org. I just thought I tell you a little bit about myself and why I decided to put tripty.org up.

I am a 26-year old woman living in New York. I decided to put together this website as a repository of my day-to-day adventures. When I started writing for this blog 2 years ago, I mostly posted articles about my travels, and how it could help my readers plan their destinations as well. I posted pretty much everything that is related to my travels, except for my encounters with young men that I met in each city. A year later, I realized that this blog is about all the great experiences I have and will have, so I can read them in the future. So, I decided to post every detail of my sex life, including the regular travel Itineraries that my readers have come to love. I never expected anyone to like the changes I made with tripty.org, but I was surprised that people were starting to ask for more juicy stories.

Fast forward to today, my readers are still here and they keep on growing in numbers. I still write travel guides, my sex adventures, and from time to time, I feature my readers’ stories as well.

Welcome tripty.org and enjoy!